HCS Orange County Open Bracket Preview

Who out of the open circuit teams can rise to the occasion in Santa Ana? Here are three teams to look out for in the wild wild open bracket.

After a big mix-up with pro teams, one thing is for certain: the open bracket side of HCS Orange County will be as hungry as ever to impress.

With several teams getting last minute funding to get out to Santa Ana, here are three sides who may come out and shock some pros this weekend:

3sUp Enterprises

So Far This Season:

The top team in the open circuit play comes into Santa Ana winning two of their last four cups, and placing second in the most recent Legendary Cup.

Snatching up the OnlyGoodOnline roster over the summer, 3sUp is on the outside looking in of the pro circuit, fielding former Denial talent Abel “Rammyy” Garcia to go along with three strong open circuit players.

This team would have made it to the Pro League Relegation tournament before Rammy stepped in, however they were disqualified due to network issues. Now, on a LAN stage, they can prove why they belong in the pros.

Why they can shock the pros:

3sUp is that side in Premier League soccer who is in a lower division, but deserves to play at the top tier due to talent.

Make no mistake, this roster may not best most of the pro sides on paper, however the open circuit isn’t just an amateur playpen. This side has seen fierce competition, and is one of the winningest teams this season.

I can see this team catching a pro side on a bad day, and if HCS allows a pro pick-up side into this tournament, they might just be ousted by 3sUp.

Prediction: Top-six

Most Wanted (The Artists Formerly Known as the Chatt Shade Squad)

So Far This Season:

Riding just behind 3sUp in open circuit points, the Chattanooga Shade Squad were picked up earlier this week by Most Wanted.

In their final matches as the Shade Squad during the third Legendary Cup, they took down 3sUp in one seven game and one six game set.

With both Kyle “Nemassist” Kubina and Garrett “LifeStyle” Miller being veterans since Halo: Reach, Most Wanted brings some experience to the table, as well as skill.

Why they can shock the pros:

Momentum is key in any competition, and when you win a Legendary Cup right before you head out to California, it definitely bodes well for your squad.

Granted, we’ll see if they are the real deal on LAN if and when they face 3sUp on either Saturday or Sunday, but this team has the potential to make a splash this weekend.

Prediction: Top-eight

Money Matches Ego Rangers

So Far This Season:

A last minute stimulus package from Money Matches sends this team to the OC, along with Emmanuel “Hoaxer” Lovejoy as their coach.

This team is led by Mason “Aries” Miller, a veteran who won some gold at Iron Games Daytona 2015. He is flanked by two fresh faces in Dillon “Randa” Randa and Tyler “TireIron” Mara, who are both hungry for gold after not-so steller starts to their careers.

Why they can shock the pros:

You do not underestimate a team who, after looking for funding to get out to a tournament, gets their wish and has a chance at the spotlight.

There are a few teams seperating this side from 3sUp and Most Wanted, but make no mistake, this team was picked up by Money Matches for a reason.

This team already has the talent, but with an esport analyst backing them as a coach, it may be what can push them over the edge in both the open circuit and in this tournament.

Prediction: Top-12

Who is your favorite open bracket side that can shock HCS Orange County?

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.