Gen.G, Team Liquid clash for Group D supremacy at Worlds 2021

Two teams that fell short in their respective regions will go head-to-head.

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North America’s Team Liquid and Korea’s Gen.G are set to face off on the third day of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship group stage, with both teams starting the event 1-0 on wins over MAD Lions and LNG Esports, respectively. And depending on the results of tomorrow’s games, the Liquid vs. Gen.G showdown on Oct. 13 could be a battle for first place in Group D.

Liquid secured the runner-up spot in this year’s LCS Spring and Summer Split finals and, although they didn’t win either championship, they’re still a very competitive team that is well-known for their excellent late-game teamfights coordination. That focus on teamwork in the closing minutes could be a deciding factor as they work to defeat Gen.G, who also utilizes the same framework. 

Overall, Gen.G tend to avoid any radical plays early on, working to build themselves up with a preference for choosing lineups designed for those late-game teamfights. Teamwork and vision control are Gen.G’s keys to defeating their opponent in the late game.


The two teams’ ratings are close. According to DJ Esports’ data, Liquid have maintained a solid performance in recent games, despite losing to 100 Thieves in the LCS Summer Split finals. Gen.G, on the other hand, were eliminated in the LCK Summer Split semifinals by T1.

Despite those losses, both teams are 1-0 to kick off Worlds.


Liquid tends to look better early offensively, working best when they are able to secure an advantage in the early stages and can often take the initiative in the mid-to-late game. They can rely on vision control to force their opponent to make mistakes, presenting an opportunity to force a teamfights on their terms. 

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Liquid could have a good opportunity to push those advantages when they face Gen.G. Given that Liquid are in a better position to take an early lead, the odds have them as a potential windfall at 2.369. 


Liquid’s first blood rate over their recent games is 60 percent, which shows they like to launch attacks early to put their opponents on the back foot. This is in part thanks to the skills of Liquid’s mid-jungle combination. Jensen can often successfully suppress opponents and work with Santorin to help their team gain an advantage early.


Due to the consistent playstyle of Gen.G, they may adopt a conservative strategy in the early game, hoping to drag the match out and set their own pace, allowing them to focus on objectives. Although Liquid are accustomed to ending the game through late teamfights as well, their offense in the early and mid-game is far superior to that of Gen.G. The odds of Liquid getting the first five kills, according to DJ Esports, are 2.068.


Since both sides tend to rely on teamfights to win games in the later stages, both teams will likely choose to use map resources and force each other to make mistakes in order to create an opening. This game should be a long, fierce battle, which means betting the over on match-time lasting longer than 33 minutes.


Gen.G has a first dragon rate of 60 percent, while Liquid have only secured the first dragon 40 percent of the time, according to DJ Esports’ data. At the same time, the first Rift Herald rate of the two teams is very close. Even if Gen.G gets the dragon, they won’t give up their pursuit of the Rift Herald.


Liquid prefer to choose champions that excel in teamfights with stronger late-stage ability in the hopes of gaining some advantages in the middle and later parts of the game. After choosing a team comp based around the late stage, they tend to focus on building a gold lead and objectives to ensure that their lineup can dish out the most damage.

Gen.G are also good at late-stage teamfights and tend to choose champions with strong late-game strengths.


Taking into account that both sides are more inclined to rely on late builds there may not be a fierce collision in the early and mid-stages of this showdown. Expect both teams to focus on objectives to drag the game out and let their players power up. However, there should still be several intense teamfights between both sides, which has DJ Esports predicting Liquid to come out ahead by more than 3.5 kills. 

Both Gen.G and Liquid are relatively slow-paced teams, but Liquid may be more restrained stylistically. At the same time, the overall strength of the teams in Group D isn’t much different, so the outcome of this game could directly determine the qualifying situation of Group D.

Liquid will face off against Gen.G at 10am CT on Wednesday, Oct. 13, and for more insight on the 2021 LoL World Championship and up-to-the-minute updated data and odds for all of the competing teams, you can view them on DJ Esports.