Galio Update Detailed

Galio will be getting an update after Warwick.

Riot announced that Galio will be getting an update after Warwick’s update. However, that hasn’t stopped Riot from teasing what they have planned for Galio in their overall “State of Champion Update” article. You can read what they said about Galio below. 

Next Project: Galio

“I’m happy to announce that after looking into a few projects, we finally got a solid direction on the next project that Team B will roll onto after Yorick,” the article stated. “It’s the champion people love to forget, Galio. Currently, Galio has a lot of problems. His theme, gameplay, and art hasn’t aged very well at all. This gives us a pretty wide canvas to paint on and Galio will likely be our largest transformation to date. So what are our goals with Galio? With Galio, we want to see if we can really deliver on a mid lane focused tank/mage, as we think that opens up a lot of interesting strategies (not that he has to be played exclusively mid, of course). We also think that him being some sort of statue/construct is super important, as well as his strong ties to Demacia. DEMACIAAAAAAAA! (Had to get that out of my system.)”

It will be interesting to see how much Galio is changed, especially with Riot stating that “Galio will likely be our largest transformation to date.” It sounds like Riot knows what they want to do with Galio, and it is just a matter of time until this champion gets a major rework. 

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