Where to "Search Between Three Oversized Seats" For This Week's Fortnite Challenges - Dot Esports

Here’s where to “search between three oversized seats” for this week’s Fortnite challenges

Gotta love these easy challenges.

Image via Epic Games

Each week of Fortnite challenges usually brings one that’s so easy, all you need to do is go to a location and pick up a star. This week’s version of that challenge sends you to search between three oversized seats. Weird, huh?

Not really. The Fortnite map randomly has big chairs in spots on the map. One of the chairs, however, is a porcelain throne. This challenge references the big toilet at Flush Factory.

Screengrab via Epic Games, Remix by Scott Duwe

This location will send you to the hill just north of Flush Factory, right in the middle of three trees. That’s it! Walk in this general area until the star pops up, and pick it up for easy battle stars. If you see people running to this toilet, it’s most likely to complete this challenge, but leave some space for those who have the runs.

Odds are, if you land there early in the week, you will find others doing the same thing. Sometimes they dance with you, but sometimes they shoot you in the face. Just be careful who you trust.