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Fortnite Stone Head locations: where to find them

Whether it's for chests or a challenge, these rocky boys are useful.

Image via Epic Games

In Fortnite’s fifth season, a number of stone heads popped up all around the island. These thick rocky boys are great for farming stone, but they also typically have chests around them.

Along comes week nine. A challenge came up to visit seven of them around the map. Which is all of them, there are only seven to be found. But if you’re here, then you’re in luck. We have a handy map to help you find them all.

Image via Epic Games, Remix by Scott Duwe

This map from the beginning of season five holds true—although some locations have changed over the months, the stone heads have not moved. Sadly, these guys are scattered pretty evenly throughout the map, so you’ll likely need multiple games to visit them all, but that’s not such a bad thing.

They can usually be found in clearings and on top of hills, and one of them is even surrounded by trees. All things considered, it’s a pretty easy challenge that can be knocked out in 50v50 mode.

Stone heads are found west of Lucky Landing, southeast of Shifty Shafts, northeast of Greasy Grove, northwest of Dusty Diner, west of Lonely Lodge, northwest of Tomato Temple, and to the east of Junk Junction and Haunted Hills.