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Fortnite’s 2nd birthday challenges are now out

Here's everything you can earn.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite was released two years ago, and Epic Games is celebrating the game’s anniversary in Battle Royale starting today.

All players just got a short set of special Fortnite Birthday challenges. These four challenges will let players unlock exclusive birthday-themed cosmetic items that will remain in their lockers after the event is over.

Here’s the full list of challenges for the event.

Fortnite second birthday challenges

Play matches (10)Frosted Weapon Wrap
Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes (10)B-Day Beats Music
Outlast Opponents (500)This Many Spray
Gain health or shield from Birthday Cakes (50)Birthday Cupcake Emoticon

The final reward is the cake-shaped pickaxe Birthday Slice, which players can get if they complete all four standard challenges.

This set is centered around Birthday Cakes that Epic has added to several points of interest in Fortnite. To complete the dance challenge, players just have to use any emote in front of a Birthday Cake, which can be a dance or anything else. For the second challenge, all they have to do is interact with cake slices on the floor to eat them and recover five health or shield per slice, which means you must eat 10 slices total to gain 50 health and complete the challenge.

The other two challenges should be completed as you play. To outlast opponents, you just have to survive longer than them, and you can rush this by playing defensively and landing on spots where there are not a lot of players. You should avoid big points of interest if you want to rush it.

Remember that you can complete these challenges in any game mode that’s not Creative or Playground, and that it can either be helpful or an issue. For instance, you’ll take many matches to outlast 500 opponents if you’re playing Team Rumble nonstop.

You’ll receive the Fortnite Birthday challenges as soon as you log into the game. The event ends on July 31 at 1pm CT.