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Fortnite retakes top spot on Twitch for battle royales over Apex Legends, Warzone

Fortnite's back.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games’ Fortnite has reclaimed the top spot on Twitch in the battle royale genre after months of trailing behind competitors Apex Legends and Warzone.

Over the past 30 days, Fornite has seen a significant resurgence across Twitch, quickly becoming the streaming platform’s fastest-growing title in terms of viewership. With more than 84 million total hours viewed, Fortnite has seen a 38 percent increase, according to Sully Gnome

The Epic Games hit game also currently boasts the most hours streamed at over 4 million, a 13 percent increase over the past month. As it stands, Fornite is currently the fifth-most-watched category across Twitch.

Originally released in 2017, Fortnite has routinely made the rounds as Twitch’s most-viewed game. At the game’s peak, Fortnite propelled the careers of countless streamers and inspired collaborations with mainstream celebrities, bringing unprecedented attention to livestreaming. In the past year, however, Fortnite slumped in viewership, dropping in viewership by 30 percent, according to Sully Gnome. Though still occupying a top spot in Twitch viewership, other battle royale competitors, namely Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone began to pull ahead.

The recent advent of Fortnite’s no-build mode has seemingly heralded the return of the title to the forefront of Twitch, as legacy Fortnite players and former pros such as Ninja, Myth, NICKMERCS, and more have come back to the game. Fortnite has also brought in countless new players with the removal of the building obstacle.

Whether or not Fortnite can maintain its momentum with its no-build mode remains to be seen, but it may do so because it recently became a permanent game mode. No matter what, fans can enjoy Fortnite’s renaissance.