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Fortnite’s v8.01 update should be coming this week—here’s what might change

We may finally know where X marks the spot.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s first update of season eight might be coming this week, probably as early as tomorrow. Developer Epic Games is used to releasing new game updates on Tuesday mornings, so players can expect at least some kind of content update coming soon.

The upcoming Fortnite update is likely the v8.01 update, if Epic follows the same release versions of season seven. Otherwise, it could be just a v8.00 content update, or even a big release with the v8.10 version. There's no confirmation on the upcoming update's version, though.

We might not know which version is coming, but Epic and its developers have given players a few hints at what will be added to the game or tweaked when the upcoming update is released this week. Some of this is confirmed, but not specifically for the upcoming update.

A new and mysterious item is coming to reveal the location of a treasure, and small tweaks to audio may help players hear footsteps and other audio cues better.

Here’s what might change in Fortnite’s upcoming update.

Buried Treasure

A treasure map item named Buried Treasure is likely coming in the next Fortnite update this week. Epic revealed the item, which seems to be Legendary, and wrote that players will “scour the island for hidden loot” with it.

There are no clues about how Buried Treasure works. Our best guess is that it shows players the location of some kind of special chest that holds Legendary items and a lot of resources to help them during the match.

Audio improvements

If your ears hurt when you’re shooting with an Assault Rifle, your problem might be solved in the next update. Epic is deploying several sound effects and general audio updates that will decrease the volume of the Assault Rifle shots and adjust the volume of player structures being destroyed by opponents.

The developer also wants to improve the sound of footsteps to help players better understand their opponents' movement when they’re moving up and down quickly. A few of these changes might also come in this update.

Epic and Legendary Infantry Rifles

Leaks suggest that high-rarity variants of the Infantry Rifle are coming to Fortnite soon. The Epic and Legendary Infantry Rifle could come to the game in the next update with increased damage compared to their low-rarity counterparts.

According to Fortnite statistics website Storm Shield One, the Epic and Legendary variants will deal 47 and 50 player damage, respectively, with no damage falloff. Their reload times times will be considerably lower than that of the low-rarity Infantry Rifles, too.

We'll add new things to this story as we get more information about what’s coming in the next Fortnite update.