Fnatic vs Na`Vi By The Numbers

The statistical history of the Fnatic vs Na`Vi matchup

After a disappointing finish at Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Cologne, Team Dignitas has made several support staff changes prior to the 2016 season

Under rule of pronax the initial Fnatic dynasty played Na`Vi in 28 maps; 10 online and 18 offline. Following dennis’s introduction they went on to play an additional 13 maps; 5 online and 8 offline. In total, since the inception of the original Fnatic dynasty, Fnatic and Na`Vi have faced off against each other on 41 maps and within those 41 maps they’ve played a total of 9 best of series; 2 online and 7 offline. 

During pronax’s reign Fnatic maintained a 6-4(60.0%) record online and a 14-4(77.8%) record offline whereas in dennis’s era fnatic boast a 4-1(80%) record online (their sole loss being partially attributed to the lack of olofmesieter) and a 6-2(75%) record offline, both losses being acquired in the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 Grand Finals best of 5. Fnatic’s overall online winrate is 10-5(66.7%) meanwhile their overall offline winrate is 20-6(76.9%); that means statistically Na`Vi hold the worst offline record out of all the top teams against Fnatic. Fnatic and Na`Vi have faced off against each other in the Grand Finals of 4 tournaments with triumphing at every occasion. In fact Fnatic have a flawless record in best of series against Na`Vi winning all 7 best of 3s and both best of 5s — 2 best of 3s were played online while of the rest of the series matches were played offline. 

Pronax’s Fnatic average 16.1 rounds vs Na`Vi’s 12.5 online. Offline Pronax’s Fnatic managed 14.7 rounds on average against Na`Vi’s 11.4.

Astonishingly in Na`Vi’s few online victories Pronax’s fnatic have averaged 16.3 rounds(largely due to Na`Vi’s 31-28 overtime victory). Na`Vi on the other hand have offered an incredibly weak display in the Swedes online victories averaging only 7.7 rounds. 

Na`Vi’s average rounds in their losses is marginally better offline sitting at 9.9 whereas pronax and his team’s average rounds in Na`Vi’s victories sits at 10, a significant dropoff from their online performance. 

With dennis, Fnatic averaged 15.4 rounds against Na`Vi online in comparison to 9.4. Offline however, Dennis and his squad only manage an average of 14.5 rounds against Na`Vi’s average of 10.8. 

Online Dennis’s Fnatic average 13 rounds in Na`Vi’s victory whereas in Fnatic’s Victories Na`Vi only average 7.8 rounds. Offline is a much more equal affair with Na`Vi averaging 9 rounds in Fnatic’s victories while Fnatic average 10 in Na`Vi’s. 

Mirage is the favoured map online between Pronax’s Fnatic and Na`Vi having been played 3 times(with fnatic winning 2/3). Up next is cobblestone and inferno which have both been played twice with Fnatic winning both cobblestones and Na`Vi winning both infernos. The rest of the maps, barring dust2 that hasn’t been played at all, have only been played once. With dennis, however, dust 2 has become more popular having been played in 2 out of 5 of the matches meanwhile overpass, cobblestone and inferno fill out the other three matches. Online Dennis and his squad have yet to play Na`Vi on any map aside from these 4. 

Mirage continues to be favoured offline for Pronax’s lineup and their matchup against Na`Vi having been played 5 times out of 18 with fnatic winning 3/5(60%). Inferno comes next with 4 maps played, Pronax’s Fnatic boast a 100% winrate over Na`Vi on inferno offline. Dust 2 comes next with a total of 3 games being played and the rest of the maps comes after with 1 or 2 games barring cache that unsurprisingly hasn’t been played at all(given it is Na`Vi’s permanent ban). Here’s a chart showing the distribution of the offline maps between Pronax’s Fnatic and Na`Vi:

In dennis’s iteration of Fnatic dust2 tops the charts as the favoured offline map between the two rosters but given Fnatic’s dominance it’s unsurprising to note that fnatic record a 100% winrate in offline matches on dust 2 with dennis having won all 3 times they’ve faced Na`Vi on the map. Cobblestone comes in second with only two matches being played(again fnatic winning both) and train, mirage and inferno top off the last three matches with Na`Vi securing both the mirage and train games. Here’s a chart distribution of the maps played offline with dennis:

Fnatic and Na`Vi have a total of 9 best of series and 41 maps culminating in a total of 1081 rounds. Fnatic have a 100% winrate in best of series winning 9 out 9 matches, a 30-11 record(73.2% winrate) and 618 out of 1081 rounds(57.2%). Fnatic also average 15.1 rounds to Na`Vi’s 11.3. All in all Fnatic dominate Na`Vi in every aspect. If we contextualize the matchups then it’s fair to argue that Na`Vi are in fact Fnatic’s easiest matchup, even easier than Luminosity who Fnatic currently hold a slightly better record against. Overall Na`Vi have and always have had the weakest matchup vs Fnatic out of all the top teams and fans are better off looking at EnVy, LG, NiP and more specifically Astralis as the team to finally topple Fnatic’s stranglehold on the scene. 



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