Flying, Psychic-type Egg event brings more Main Character Sync Pairs to Pokémon Masters EX

New Sync Pairs are here for the next Pokémon Masters event.

Image via DeNA, The Pokémon Company

The new Flying and Psychic-type Egg event is rolling out now in Pokémon Masters EX, offering players a chance to get some new Sync Pairs featuring Pokémon from those types. 

From Aug. 3 to 17, players will be able to get four new Pokémon to pair with the Main Character, including Exeggute, Spearow, Abra, and Farfetch’d. And if players use the Main Character during the event, they’ll have a chance to earn additional Eggs, too.

In one-star, two-star, and three-star Eggs, Exeggute, Spearow, Abra, and Farfetch’d will be available as Sync Pairs for the main characters in Masters. Shiny variants of Exeggute, Spearow, and Farfetch’d can also be found in each Egg. Here are the drop rates at each level:

  • One-star Eggs
    • 0.67 percent shiny drop rate
  • Two-star Eggs
    • One percent shiny drop rate
  • Three-star Eggs
    • 1.5 percent shiny drop rate

To get some of these special Eggs, players will need to complete the Event Stages. This means they’ll “Challenge Pasio’s Trainers” in four different missions that will have first-time clear rewards and additional completion reward Eggs. 

There will be Event Missions too, which will reward players for hatching Eggs by giving them Power Ups, Star Berry Tarts, and rare Eggs for Pokémon like Aerodactyl, Cubone, and Omanyte. Each task will ask players to hatch a certain number of Eggs, up to 12 for the final reward.

All mission completion rewards must be claimed within three days of the event’s conclusion and players must complete the main story of Masters to participate in the event.