Fan makes adorable concept for League x Among Us crossover

Why not both?

The Mafia-esque party game, Among Us, has become one of the hottest games of 2020.

The two-year-old game started racing up charts on all platforms, and it looks like it’s here to stay since it proved itself to be a great source of content for both popular streamers and millions of gaming enthusiasts around the world.

When a party game like Among Us grows at this rate, it starts bringing in crowds from other popular titles like League of Legends. Though these new players enjoy Among Us to its fullest, it’s only natural that they’d like to see similar faces around them to make this new game feel more like home. One fan shared their concept merging Among Us and League yesterday to bring the Rift wherever you go.

The artist initially shared three concepts for SSG Xayah, God Fist Lee Sin, and Heartseeker Yuumi. Fans of both games expressed their appreciation of the designs in the comments, asking for more characters to be featured since the artist’s style did a marvelous job representing the best of both games.

Each League character is easily distinguishable, and the core characteristics of an Among Us character are still there. Though each concept could make an awesome Among Us skin, it’s hard not to see the potential for Riot here. It’s hard to guess the number of fans who’d like to see similar concepts inside League, but there would certainly be an audience for this kind of content, whether as Little Legends for Teamfight Tactics or as icons.

Considering the developer has experience with introducing pets that are part of certain skins, these little fellows could also be the imposters of their League-sized champions. Having an Among Us-style pet running beside you could encourage players to move more around the lane since watching that walk animation is a sight for sore eyes.

Among Us owes most of its overnight success due to its streamability. The game started picking up steam after popular streamers featured the game on their channels. Among Us’ Mafia-like setup allowed many household names to collaborate, which is usually a pretty challenging feat for most games. The huge party sizes also allows viewers to join in whenever a streamer hosts lobbies, giving streamers a much more fun way to interact with their viewers.