XQc receives “gaming resume” from fans who want to play Among Us with him

He brought this on himself, though.

Screengrab via xQc

Many fans dream of getting the chance to game with their favorite streamers, but some are willing to go further than others.

Popular Twitch personality xQc shared during a recent stream he had been receiving emails from fans of their “gaming resumes” to try and get an invitation to his Among Us Discord.

The streamer said he received applications just like a corporation would with applicants applying for the position.

It’s likely these emails stemmed from a tweet by xQc just over a week ago saying he was looking for gaming personalities to play Among Us with. He requested that they send him a DM or reply to the post to get an invitation to the private Discord.

The streamer has been extremely active in playing Among Us over the last few weeks since the game spiked in popularity on Twitch. He often completes eight-plus hour streams of the game and creates some of the most popular highlights of the day when he gets into heated arguments with the fellow streamers in his lobby.

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