Fan-made League video reminds us that we really want a Runeterra anime

I will be the next Riftkage!

Screengrab via Riot Games

A League of Legends fan created their own anime-style intro inspired by the game, using pieces of cinematics that Riot has released throughout the game’s history. The fan released the video a few months ago, and it’s really, really cool.

The video looks like it was made by a professional, because it’s extremely high-quality and well made. It’s kickass, and after watching it, there’s only one thing on our minds—we really want a League anime.


Runeterra, the world that League and its characters are set in, would be the perfect target for any number of animated stories. There’s the Demacia-Noxus conflict, the denizens of Ionia fighting to reclaim their homeland, the Freljordians fighting off the Void, the hidden secrets and buried cities of Shurima, and countless characters to tell those stories through.

We get a glimpse into this world through Riot’s own cinematics, like the animated short featuring Ryze that came out last month. This cinematic told the story of how Ryze fights to protect the world from the power and corruption of the world runes, and just how hopelessly tiring that quest is.

If Runeterra were given its own anime, these incredible and complex stories could be explored with the attention they deserve. Not only that, but it would give fans of League a visual representation of the world and its people like they’ve never seen, and that’s very exciting to think about.

With how deep Riot is diving into the game’s lore lately, we have a feeling something bigger is coming, like a book, movie, or some sort of show. If Riot actually does do something like that, we think an anime would be a great candidate, too.