ESL One New York: Day 1 Recap

ESL One New York Day 1 recap and results.

The first day of ESL One New York has come to an end. Here are the results from today’s group stage matches (Sept. 30)

Round One Matches

Virtus.pro defeats Fnatic 16-6 on Cobblestone. Virtus.pro gains three points.

Astralis defeats G2 16-13 on Dust II. Astralis gains three points.

SK Gaming defeats OpTic Gaming 16-10 on Train. SK gains three points.

Natus Vincere defeats Team Liquid 16-9 on Mirage. Na`Vi gains three points.

Round Two Matches

Fnatic defeats OpTic 16-3 on Train. Fnatic gains three points

Liquid defeats G2 16-7 on Train. Liquid gains three points.

Na`Vi defeats Virtus.pro 16-9 on Train. Na`Vi gains three points for a total of six.

SK defeats Astralis 16-13 on Overpass. SK gains three points for a total of six.

Round Three Matches

Virtus.pro defeats Liquid 16-8 on Mirage. Virtus.pro gains three points for a total of six.

Today’s matches featured a variety of interesting matchups. The new Fnatic looked shaky against Virtus.pro, but dominated OpTic in their losers match. Astralis managed to win a whopping 11 rounds in a row on the CT-side of Dust II against G2, then lost a nailbiter match to SK on the winners’ side.

Oleksander “s1mple” Kostyliev, playing as a part of the new Na`Vi lineup, bested his former Liquid teammates and Virtus.pro to start the event 2-0, beating the red-hot VP on one of their best maps. VP would battle back to beat Liquid in the final match of the day, moving them into a tie for first place with Na`Vi and SK at six points. Fnatic, Liquid and Astralis each finished day one with three points, while OpTic and G2 made up the bottom of the standings with zero points.

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