DRX acquires eDreamWork Korea, parent company of Vision Strikers

The best in Korea is under new management.

Photo via Riot Games

The owners of Vision Strikers, eDreamWork Korea, has been acquired by Korean-based organization DRX. DRX is possibly most known for its successful League of Legends team that has competed in Korea since 2012, originally under Incredible Miracle. 

Vision Strikers cemented themselves as the best VALORANT team in Korea earlier this year following their top 12 finish at VALORANT Champions, the most anticipated and largest event of the circuit. Vision Strikers were one of the favorites to win the event but fell to eventual top-eight finishers Cloud9 and Fnatic in the group stage. 

Vision Strikers held the VALORANT record for the most game victories in a row. The Korean team dominated their local region with 102 series victories with no losses until Vision Strikers was defeated by F4Q on April 15. 

In 2020, DRX qualified for the League World Championship, which took place from Sept. 25 to Oct. 31. DRX finished in the top eight alongside JD Gaming, Gen.G, and Fnatic. DRX finished second in Group D but was defeated by eventual victors DAMWON Gaming in the quarterfinals. 

With the merger, DRX will also acquire Vision Strikers’ Warcraft 3 team, which includes Noh “LuChaeL” Jae Wook and Jang “Moon” Jae Ho. Two-time EVO Champion Jae-Min “Knee” Bae will also join DRX as a Tekken player. 

Vision Strikers is set to compete in the Korean VALORANT Champions Tour 2022, with the main stage set to begin in February.