Dr Disrespect is loving Fortnite again, but he's already asking Epic to make changes - Dot Esports

Dr Disrespect is loving Fortnite again, but he’s already asking Epic to make changes

His proposed changes would surely make a big difference for some players.

Dr Disrespect looking at Tomato Guy from Fortnite.
Images via Dr Disrespect/Epic Games

Dr Disrespect has returned to playing Fortnite on his streams again—and he’s absolutely loving it. There are already a few changes that the popular streamer would like to bring to the game, however.

The streamer has been playing Fortnite’s new Zero Build mode, which joined the game as a permanent fixture on March 29. But during a stream on April 4, Dr Disrespect underlined several issues.

The internet personality made a comment about what he would like Epic to change after he lost a game. Dr Disrespect wanted to immediately load into another game, but he had to go through the process of re-entering the queue, which he would shorten if he had the chance.

“Oh God, then you gotta go through this crap, I just wanna get into the next game,” Dr Disrespect said. “One thing I’d change right now with this game, like, increase the speed at which I get into servers, and the speed at which I’m into the next game,” he added. The streamer had to wait around a minute and a half between finishing the previous match and jumping back on the Battle Bus.

The devs at Epic have proven that they’re willing to listen to players by adding the Zero Build mode, a feature that has been demanded by the community for years. So, listening to Dr Disrespect and making a few tweaks to loading and queue times in the game is definitely not out of the question.