Dr Disrespect comes up with new idea for the Gulag in Warzone

No perks, no equipment.

Image via Activision

Dr Disrespect hasn’t been quiet about some of the issues he has with Call of Duty: Warzone. But yesterday, he decided to give the developers an idea that could help the game’s Gulag moving forward.

The Gulag is one of the unique mechanics in Warzone that differentiates it from other top battle royales like Apex Legends and Fortnite. After dying for the first time in a match, players are queued up for a one-vs-one deathmatch in a pit that appears to be some sort of deteriorating, abandoned locker room.

If you win, you get to redeploy onto the battlefield. If you lose, you’re eliminated from the game. But in the one-vs-one, players have access to utility items and grenades, adding a level of complexity to the fight.

The Doc doesn’t want that, though. Dr Disrespect said on this stream yesterday that he thinks the Gulag shouldn’t have anything special to it. It should just be one man with his gun of choice against another man toting his select weapon as well.

“No perks, no equipment,” he said. “[You can take] your ideal weapon. No RPGs or explosives. You could take your decked out MP5, decked out AR, decked out LMG, maybe even a sniper, and that’s it. None of the bullshit stuff, just straight-up solid weapons and whatever your create-a-class is around it.”

Dr Disrespect has been vocal about issues that he’s had in Warzone throughout its time since being released in March. One of his biggest issues with the game is the problem that he has hearing footsteps of enemies who are seemingly on top of him.

Despite his issues with the game, he seemingly likes it more than just about any other game that he’s played on Twitch this year. In the past week, all of his 37 hours streamed have been in the Warzone category. 

In April, Warzone was his most-watched game with 2.6 million hours watched over 91 hours of streaming, according to Twitch statistics website SullyGnome. VALORANT was his second most-streamed game with 36 hours of airtime.