Dr Disrespect loses his sunglasses during rant after Warzone death

He can't hear a thing and he's pissed about it.

Photo via MLG

Dr Disrespect hasn’t had an issue dishing out opinions about Call of Duty: Warzone. While some are pleasant, his biggest problem with the game—sound—continues to infuriate him.

While fighting in the Gulag yesterday, the game’s second-chance mechanic that pits two people in a one-vs-one as a way to stay in the game after dying, Doc lost his composure, his headphones, and even his sunglasses.

After losing his Gulag fight, Dr Disrespect watched the replay of his opponent killing him and the game’s sound effects triggered massive amounts of anger for the Two-Time. Doc has been vocal about how he believes the sound of footsteps in Warzone is suboptimal, and oftentimes nonexistent, making it difficult for players to be aware of their surrounding enemies.

But while he didn’t hear nearly any noise during the Gulag, the killcam he watched of his opponent suggested that his enemy knew where he was the entire time they were fighting.

“How come I don’t get that fucking information,” he said. “I get nothing. I don’t get nothing. I don’t get fucking any information.”

Slamming his headset on the desk in front of himself screaming, Dr Disrespect’s rant resulted in spit spewing from his mouth as his aggressive head shaking whipped the sunglasses off of his face, exposing his rarely seen eyes and eyebrows.

As he raged his way outside of his webcam’s view, the Doc started to run a short “Champion’s Club” commercial that he regularly plays to advertise Twitch subscriptions to his channel. The short 30-second break was enough for Doc to put his game face back on. But after returning, he was still clearly frustrated with the way that the sounds in the game continue to work against him.

“I sometimes question the fact that I push forward with a shotty in the Gulag,” he said. “I don’t hear anything. I’m getting aggressive with him, but on my screen, he jumps around the corner with a shotty. Boom, boom, two taps me. Then I watch the replay. He can hear me a mile away. I mean, in the replay, I know exactly where I’m at just based on the audio that I’m hearing from his perspective.”

His teammate, Lyndon, expressed empathy for Dr Disrespect’s situation, adding that he believes there might be something about killcams that amplifies footstep noises. But regardless of the reasoning, Doc obviously wasn’t pleased with his death.

Even though he might take some issues with the sound in the game, Doc has spent the majority of his time on stream this month playing Warzone. Out of a total of 145 hours streamed, he’s played Warzone for 74 hours despite the massive popularity of VALORANT’s closed beta.

Despite his frustration, it appears as though Doc sees Warzone as the lesser of two evils in terms of gameplay for his stream. Since VALORANT came out, he’s been vocal about his belief that the game doesn’t have much of a future as a game catered to personality streaming.