Ditya Ra Picked Up By Vega Squadron

The former Na'Vi carry has found a new home in the CIS scene.

CIS carry Dmitry “Ditya Ra” Minenkov has been signed by Vega Squadron.

According to an announcement on the team’s website, the team searched both for new talent and free agents within the CIS scene before deciding on Ditya Ra after former carry, Rostislav “fn” Lozovoi, left the team in late December. The team was very satisfied with their initial impression of Ditya Ra in terms of cohesion with the team, and felt that their “play style became more stable compared to the previous roster” with the carry formerly from Na’Vi. 

Ditya Ra is the second player from the Na’Vi squad that attended The International 6 to join Vega Squadron, along with Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev

Vega Squadron’s roster, leading up to the Kiev Major, will be: 

  • Dmitry “Ditya Ra” Minenkov
  • Sergey Alexandrovich “G” Bragin
  • Andrey “Mag~” Chipenko
  • Semion “CemaTheSlayer” Krivulya [C]
  • Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev

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Photo credits: Valve