Dicey’s Jungle Rankings For Fantasy LCS Week 1

I will help you find the best starters in the Jungle Role this week. Come see who made the list.

The Jungle. What bonobos made the top of my list this week?

1. Trick (G2 Esports – EU LCS)

Much like Zven and Perkz, Trick gets the benefit of being one of the best players in his region while also playing on a team with some of the best players in the region. I am not a math wiz, but I can tell you with full confidence that Trick will get points. Both Fnatic and Roccat this week should be easy matchups for G2, so Trick is my No. 1 fantasy jungler for the week.

2. Jankos (H2k-Gaming – EU LCS)

Jankos returned to superstar form at the end of last season and he looks to continue that this season with the new additions to the H2K roster. Whether he is ganking for Odoamne in the top lane, Febiven in the mid lane, or Nuclear/Chei in the bot lane, he is sure to score points. This may be the most stacked team Jankos has ever played on and, in theory, he should be the catalyst.

3. Chaser (Team Dignitas – NA LCS)

Chaser and Ssumday will be better versions of Huni and Reignover in my opinion, so of course they are going to score massively this week. To start off their careers in NA, Chaser gets to play against Cloud9 and the inexperienced Contractz. After that, Dignitas moves on to face the new look Phoenix1 team that should have some major issues dealing with the firepower that Dignitas has to offer.

4. Reignover (Team Liquid – NA LCS)

Obviously this man had to come in somewhere in the top five or I would be crazy. Not much needs to be said about how solid of a player Reignover has been since coming to the west, though this split may be his toughest test yet. He needs to completely switch his focus and pathing to be more centered around the bottom lane in order for Liquid to succeed this season. I think he will be able to do it, but you never know. I am not Lourlo’s biggest fan, and Liquid’s mid lane situation looks to be a disaster, but their bottom lane is one of the best pairings in the league. I think Matt and Reignover will become one of the strongest, if not the strongest, support/jungle duos this season. Hopefully that is enough to propel them in the standings.

5. Svenskeren (Team SoloMid – NA LCS)

Svenskeren looked absolutely incredible at Worlds, both in the game and out. (No I am not hitting on him, I’ll explain). When you lose as much weight as Svenskeren has, it will positively affect your mentality and confidence. I think we saw this at Worlds, as he was playing some of the best League of Legends we have seen from him in some time. I think he continues this forward momentum this split, especially in week one when he takes on Cloud9 and Immortals. Both Cloud9 and Immortals have some question marks surrounding the chemistry between their jungler and his lanes, which should be easy pickings for Svenskeren. Sven will more than likely always be a top five jungler this season.

6. Contractz (Cloud9 – NA LCS)

Contractz comes in with some question marks obviously, though I feel that he is one of the stronger rookies. He may be young, but he has plenty of experience in the Challenger scene, as well as being under the tutelage of Hai last split. In terms of skill, Contractz was undoubtedly the best player on Cloud9’s Challenger Series squad last split. By the latter half of the split, Contractz should be a great fit for a C9 team that will need him to be a great playmaker. Contractz may start slow, but the payoff will be worth it once he gets acclimated.

7. Dardoch/LirA/Xmithie (Immortals/Team EnVyUs/Counter Logic Gaming – NA LCS)

If you read my mid lane piece, you will know that I did something similar with Huhi and Pobelter. Basically what you have between Dardoch/LirA and Xmithie is the battle between consistency and big play possibility. If you want to shoot for the stars, starting a Dardoch or LirA is probably the way to go, but if you want the consistent solid scorer then go for Xmithie. This decision should solely be based on who is on your roster. For example, if you have some players starting that might struggle to score points, go with Dardoch or LirA. If not, go with Xmithie.

FeelsOkMan Starts of the Week?

Jungle really is quite deep this year in fantasy LCS, so there are many players that you may see success with. For example, you have KaKAO, Inori, Wisdom, Xerxe and even Amazing. All five of these guys share some solid potential, though KaKAO is the one I would make sure to stash on my bench if possible.

For week one, this is how I rank these junglers:

  1. Inori (Phoenix1 – NA LCS)
  2. KaKAO (Misfits – EU LCS)
  3. Xerxe (Unicorns of Love – EU LCS)
  4. Wisdom (Origen – EU LCS)
  5. Amazing (Fnatic – EU LCS)

Who’s starting in your jungle for week one? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @GAMURScom.