ConnorEatsPants wins Panda All-Star Nickvitational, event raises $100,000 for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Reptar be the champion, but CatDog was the real winner.

Image via Panda

The first highly-publicized tournament for a new fighting game is always a treat to watch, but when you add in a character auction featuring Nickelodeon IP and big content creators with all of the proceeds going to charity, you get a recipe for chaotic success. 

And, after hours of bidding, confusion, and a lot of self-destructs, ConnorEatsPants was crowned the champion of the Panda All-Star Nickvitational, showing off the sickest day-one Reptar anyone has ever seen. 

In total, Panda, and all of the content creators involved with the event helped raise more than $100,000 for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This was done through general donations before and during the event, but the bulk of it came from the competitors, as they had to use money raised by their communities to bid on the characters they wanted to use in bracket. 

Fundraising for this portion of the event started a day before the actual competition, with efforts spearheaded by JaidenAnimations, whose goal of playing CatDog during the tournament led to a since deleted video asking for her community’s help becoming the number one trending video on YouTube

By the time the actual character auction came around, Jaiden raised more than the rest of the players combined, ending with a a final total of $73,356.14 raised, or roughly 75 percent of the prize pool. And she used that power to her advantage, immediately puting $40,000 down to secure CatDog, who she would use to make a deep run in the event. 

After the auction, which involved a lot of collusion against PointCrow by the other players and some odd character decisions, the stage was set, and Connor proceeded to tear through the bracket. 

During his run, Connor swept Ovilee May, MoistCr1TiKaL, and then beat Ludwig’s Leonardo 3-1 to secure a spot in the grand finals, where he faced off against Simply’s Aang. 

Connor continued to show his dino-dominance, going up 2-0 on Simply early despite looking like he might have issues getting out of Aang’s quick combos. But instead of finishing things off, he decided to play as his food—swapping over to Powdered Toast Man. 

Simply was able to even things up 2-2 after some sloppy, if flashy play from Connot’s PTM in two close games, but the pants eater just swapped back to Reptar and claimed his crown, along with a surprise Nickelodeon Mystery Box from the developers. 

If this first showing is anything to look forward to, the future of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl as a competitive and content-driven game is bright.