CoD: Mobile teases new sniper rifle and 2 maps coming in Season 4

A lot of new features are coming to the game.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season four won’t arrive until the end of this month but that hasn’t stopped Activision from dropping teasers of upcoming content to the game. So far, the company has revealed that a new weapon and two new maps are coming to CoD: Mobile in season four.

The weapon which has been teased resembles the Koshka sniper rifle from Black Ops 4. The Koshka was available in CoD: Mobile’s previous public test server, which was released last month. In the teaser, Activision said that the sniper rifle will be available in the game with the season four battle pass.

The first of the two new maps teased looks like the Khandar Hideout from Modern Warfare. The map is set in a desert city and is medium in size with a three-lane layout.

The other new map could be one of the most exciting features coming in CoD: Mobile’s season four. Based on the teaser, it appears that the Satellite MP map from Black Ops Cold War is making its way to mobile. The map was available in the public test build last month too. What sets this map apart is that players can drive vehicles around it. In the public test build, there were three vehicles: an SUV with a mounted turret, a bike, and a tank. If it’s released, it will become the first multiplayer map in CoD: Mobile on which players can drive vehicles.

An exact release date for CoD: Mobile’s season four hasn’t been revealed yet. It will likely begin towards the end of the month or in early May. Based on the teasers, it looks like the season will have a desert theme to it.