CoD: Mobile is getting an SMG from Modern Warfare in season 3

The PP19 Bizon could be coming to the game.

Image via Activision

With Call of Duty: Mobile’s season three just around the corner, Activision has started teasing upcoming features. After revealing a new map, the developers have unveiled a new weapon set to arrive in CoD: Mobile’s third season today.

The teaser shows the silhouette of a weapon. It looks identical to the PP19 Bizon in Modern Warfare and Warzone. The Bizon is a fully automatic submachine gun (SMG). It has a high damage and fire rate with low recoil, making it a really powerful weapon in the SMG class.

Other than this, Activision has revealed a new map that will arrive in CoD: Mobile’s season three. It has already been released into the Chinese version of CoD: Mobile and is called Coastal. The map is large with wide alleys, so the upcoming PP19 Bizon may not be the ideal choice to play on it.

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Image via Activision

CoD: Mobile’s ongoing season two, called The Day of Reckoning, will end on April 16. The third season’s content update should be released on the same day with the new season officially kicking off on April 17.

While players wait for the new season to begin, you can enjoy the ongoing events in CoD: Mobile season two. The featured event called Pursuit is currently live. Players must earn XP to increase their warrior’s strength and unlock a lot of different rewards. The Recon perk and the SP-R 208 rifle can also be acquired through the seasonal challenges in the game.