CoD: Mobile devs address season 2 bugs and balance changes

Several bugs have been fixed.

Image via Garena

Call of Duty: Mobile’s second season was released on March 10 and introduced a lot of new features to the game, including a new weapon, map, scorestreak, and more. 

Several players have been complaining about the balance changes and new bugs with the season two content update. In a community update today, Activision talked about some of the concerns of the community. 

The company said it has been making some changes to weapon balance in the past week based on the community’s feedback. Players were complaining about assault rifles like the Man-O-War being too overpowered

Activision hasn’t revealed what the changes exactly were, though. It also hasn’t talked about the Trap Master battle royale class, which players have been requesting for a nerf for weeks now. The territorial effect of this class gives teams increased movement and skill recharge speed. 

Activision has said the team is “discussing more options for future updates” so more changes could be coming soon. 

Several bugs were also fixed or have been scheduled for a fix, Activision confirmed in the community update. Some bugs are still under investigation and will be addressed in the future. The full list of bugs are: 

Fix released

  • Invisible Phantom skin
  • Fast movement glitch
  • Ghost – Jawbone Cape.
  • Avatar reset to default button not displayed.
  • Misaligned SPR ironsights.
  • Random death cries heard in BR
  • Karambit – Ruptured steel not appearing

Fix scheduled

  • Various audio issues with operators
  • Loot rarely not spawning in BR
  • Store – New item notifications

Under investigation

  • Unable to switch weapons after using a shield turret
  • Unable to heal after killing an enemy using Last Stand
  • Doorway obstruction in Highrise
  • Lucky Board missing for some players