Cho’gath finally gets more tweaks and April Fools is nearly here in Patch 7.6

Riot wants to balance the meta game by fixing the failings from previous patches.

Galio’s rework finally hits the rift in a host of changes showcased in the latest Patch 7.6 for League of Legends.

Among the changes to champions, Cho’Gath has been granted a significant lifeline with his R now stacking more health per stack. The champion was recently changed in patch 7.4, allowing his stacks to remain after death, but he still suffered in the early game. The changes should help him prosper in the weaker laning phase, to become tankier as the game goes on.

The patch is targeting some ADCs, as Riot is still trying to fix the struggling botlane meta through tweaks. Quinn and Varus have been given slight nerfs to reduce their early game damage and balance up potential match-ups, with Miss Fortune given a significant boost in her Q to make her healthy in the long run by increasing the damage over time.

The patch is also set to bring a host of new skins. The April Fools 2017 collection drops into the rift, with Moo Cow Alistar, Renektoy, Superhero Kennen, and of course, our favorite Pug’maw dropping during the patch’s cycle, most likely on April 1.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the new chromas being offered in this patch with Dino Gnar, Meowkai, Moo Cow Alistar, and Surprise Party Amumu all getting a host of chromas for varying prices.