Can you prestige in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

The new system provides plenty of rewards.

Image via Activision

Players have a new end goal since the traditional prestige system in Call of Duty multiplayer has been replaced with the release of Modern Warfare

In the latest title, the initial ranks from one to 55 have been labeled as Enlisted Ranks. Once players reach level 55, the maximum rank, they’ll be greeted with a new progression option. Instead of moving into the next prestige, players reset their rank and will enter into new Officer Ranks from one to 100, according to Activision.

The ranking system remains the same—players still have to attain XP. This can be achieved by playing regular multiplayer matches, getting wins and kills, and completing challenges and missions. 

Upon reaching Officer Rank one, players will receive a cosmetic weapon blueprint. Each time players rank up within the Officer Ranks, they’ll get a special Officer challenges—they’ll be similar to normal challenges but reward more XP. 

Players will also earn Ribbons once they reach the Officer Ranks. These Ribbons are earned from leveling up. Collecting 10 Ribbons will reward the player with a special seasonal emblem. At 100 Ribbons, players earn an animated emblem. 

Once players reach level 100 in Officer Ranks, they’ll have to wait until the start of a new season for the rank to reset. Additional Officer Ranks could be added in the future to increase the current level cap. 

Players can track their progress in the Barracks option within multiplayer to view their current XP level.