Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has been leaked, confirming popular rumor of Verdansk, and more

Get your guns out.

Image via Activision

With the recent release of Apex Legends’ mobile title, rumors have been popping up regarding the mobile version Call of Duty: Warzone. And fresh leaks from the CoD community have confirmed a lot of what fans have been speculating about the game.

Trusted leaker CoD_Perseus, with tons of confirmed leaks in the CoD franchise under his belt, revealed never-before-seen footage of the upcoming mobile title of Call of Duty: Warzone on Twitter.

The new gameplay footage leaked by Perseus shows over 90 seconds of gameplay, which most notably confirms the return of Verdansk, the most popular map in the PC and console versions of the game that was rumored to make its appearance in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, where the player is shown to drop from a plane into the famed map at the beginning of the match. A little bit of action and gunfights are also displayed modestly throughout the footage.

A second tweet from Perseus includes various screenshots from the game, which reveal that the Gulag is back too, the place where players are sent to when they get killed for the first time in a game.

The game appears to be an almost identical port of the PC and console versions of the game, which is satisfying to know. That being said, the words “Currently in development – not representative of final quality” are present throughout the gameplay footage. Whether this means that the game will end up looking better or worse at the final release of the game is a question to ponder about.

Unfortunately, since the time that the tweets with the leaks were originally posted, Activision has claimed copyrights on the footage and images, and the tweets have been taken down. Nevertheless, the buzz among fans has already been generated, with the information confirmed to the public at this point.