Call of Duty: Mobile’s Hunt for Makarov event gives players an M4 skin, calling card, frame, and more

Makarov has made his way to mobile.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s tenth season, The Hunt, is in full swing. The season’s signature event “The Hunt for Makarov” has kicked off where players have to search for the Modern Warfare franchise’s villain. You can earn the M4 – Feral Stalker, a calling card, frame, and much more by doing this.

To get these rewards, players have to explore the map which can be found on “The Hunt for Makarov” featured event tab. There are 12 exploration points that have to be explored one by one. The event will be live until Aug. 31.

Screengrab via Activision

Each of these exploration points will reward players. To explore these points, players have to get exploration points. These exploration points can be received by playing either multiplayer or battle royale matches. The exploration points are indicated by binoculars which will be shown in the post-match screen. Playing on the Terminal and Pine map and the Headquarters mode will give the most exploration points.

Here are the rewards each exploration point will give.

  • Exploration point one: Smoke Grenade – Forest Felt
  • Exploration point two: SMRS – Forest Felt
  • Exploration point three: S36 – Iridescent
  • Exploration point four: Backpack one – Iridescent
  • Exploration point five: Striker – Forest Felt
  • Exploration point six: Frag Grenade – Forest Felt
  • Exploration point seven: Knife – Iridescent
  • Exploration point eight: Ninja – Forest Felt
  • Exploration point nine: Beastly Pursuit calling card
  • Exploration point 10: Man-O-War – Iridescent
  • Exploration point 11: BK57 – Forest Felt
  • Exploration point 12: M4 – Feral Stalker
Screengrab via Activision

In addition to this, some exploration points will give players map pieces. Collecting all six of these will unlock a frame with First Horseman design.