Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021 launches with $2 million prize pool on June 3

Qualifiers are going to be starting up soon.

Image via Activision

Activision has confirmed that the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship will have a prize pool of more than $2 million and additional in-game rewards. 

Presented by Sony, the CoD: Mobile Championship is set to begin on June 3 and will feature eligible Ranked Mode players from countries around the world. 

“The momentum worldwide for Call of Duty: Mobile is incredible as our players continue to have a great time playing,” said Matt Lewis, vice president of mobile at Activision. “Picking up from last year’s competition, we’ve increased the prize money up for grabs and number of teams that can qualify, so there are even more reasons for fans to prove they’ve got what it takes to be the best.”

Eligible players will be able to enter the event, which will be run regionally in multiple stages. Top finishers will earn a spot in the World Championship Finals via in-game competition in select regions and several other tournaments that Activision will announce in the near future. 

Competing players must be 18 or older to register, they must reach level 10 or higher in Ranked Mode to qualify for the event, and must be part of an eligible region. 

Because Sony is the presenting sponsor, players who make it into the regional playoffs and World Championship will be competing using the Sony Xperia 1 III smartphone. Prior to that, players will be able to use tablets and other devices of their choice, though controller usage has been banned. 

More details about qualifying events, tournament details, and more will be shared in the coming weeks. You can read about all of the available rules and event structure details on the official Call of Duty website.