Call of Duty: Mobile weapon stats

Here's everything you need to know.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile is the fastest-growing game in the world. Forget PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, or PC—the mobile platform is looking better than ever.

In under a year, the game has reached over 230 million downloads and skyrocketed to the top of the Android and iOS charts.

Like any CoD game, winning isn’t always about raw mechanics and aim. A high level of map awareness and weapon knowledge is essential to being the best. The easiest way to learn a map is practicing, but it’s not quite the same with weapons.

A player has compiled a list of stats for each of the weapons and attachments in CoD: Mobile. Here’s the full list of weapon stats.

ARType25385557045604014Red -> 4X5.56mm20-401,650High DPS, high rate
AK47385705545606511Red -> 4X 7.62mm20-40 2,100High DPS, lower accuracy, feels slower mobility
AK117350507055604514Red -> 4X 5.56mm20-40 1,500Good all-around, high rate
ADM10330605550555511Red -> 4X 7.62mm20-40 1,800First three rounds are more accurate
BK57302486365605012.6Red -> Tac?20-40 1,440Accurate, good all-around weapon
M1629365456060609Red -> Tac 5.56mm20-40 1,950Mid range+, three-round burst mode only
LK24270456047605012Red -> Tac ?20-40 1,350High accuracy, mid-range, lower DPS
M4270456070604512Red -> 4X5.56mm20-40 1,350High accuracy, lower DPS
SMGMSMC525757045803014Red -> Tac?9mm20-402,250Close range king
Chicom488756560804013Red -> 4X?9mm25-452,250Three-round burst fire mode only
AKS74U480806055753512Red -> 4X9mm25-452,880Good all-around, shorter range
PDW-57450905040752510Red -> 4X9mm45-654,500Large mag, short range
HG4030075406075408Red -> Tac9mm25-452,400Good accuracy, low damage
SniperDL-Q33135851560459534X +7.62mm5-13540Bolt action, one shot kill
Artic 5090901060509524X + 7.62mm5-13630Thermal scope crate variant
Article 50255853060509564X + 7.62mm5-13595Multiplayer only
M21 EBR128851560459534X + 7.62mm8-16680
M21 EBR 280803560459574X + 7.62mm8-16640Multiplayer only
XPR50160802055459044X + 7.62mm6-14800
RPD423656540405013Red -> 4X7.62mm75-1206,500High DPS, longer reload time
M4LMG330605560404511Red -> 4X5.56mm75-954,500Good accuracy, longer reload time
ShotgunH212633875457080159-12 Gage10-161,200Short range, four-round burst
Striker24585358575307-12 Gage10-16840Long reload time, semi auto
BY1517085208075304-12 Gage4-12680Pump action
H20405459058575301-12 Gage 4-12?720Lever action
MW 11 handgun26065405590208-780
J358 revolver12080157090353-480
SMRS rockets1009510708040--
FHJ-17 rockets1009010904090--
Trip mine10065---40--
Battle royale attachmentsRed Dot+2 - 5+2 - 5
Holo+2 - 5 +2 - 5
Tac Scope 1.5X+2 - 5 +2 - 5
3X Scope+2 - 5 +2 - 10
4X Scope+2 - 5 +2 - 10
Laser Sight+2 - 5
Fore-grip+2 - 5
Silencer-5 - 0 -5 - 0
Long Barrel+2 - 5 +2 - 5
Stock+2 - 5+2 - 5
Multiplayer attachmentsRed Dot / Holo+5 +5
Tac Scope 1.5X+6 +5
Laser Sight+10
FMJ Ammo+10
Long Barrel+10