Call of Duty: Mobile season one, 2022 is called Heist

A new map, mode, operator skill, and more are landing this season.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile is again refreshing the season count with the new year. The upcoming season one of the game in 2022 is called Heist.

As usual, the new season means a new battle pass. The free items in the BP include the Storm Ball tactical item and PPSh-41 SMG at tier 14 and 21, respectively. The premium pass will offer four new operators, Makarov—Kingfish, Yuri—Bratok, Iskra—Whitechapel, and Ajax—Bouncer. Besides this, a lot of camos, blueprints, and other items will be available in the season one battle pass.

A new map is also joining the game this season. Black Ops 4’s Hacienda is now arriving into CoD: Mobile. The Nuketown map is also getting a new Chinese theme to it, which will be released a bit later into the season.

Heist is also bringing a new mode called Red Envelope. This limited-time mode is based on the Lunar New Year and features a 10 vs. 10 Kill Confirmed format. Players will drop red envelopes instead of dog tags in this mode.

Finally, a new operator skill is also making its way to the game in season one. The Storm Ball, which can be unlocked at tier 14 of the battle pass, deploys a shield when thrown and blocks the enemy’s line of sight.