Call of Duty: Mobile season 9 is called Nightmare

Two new weapons, a map, operator, BR class, and more are coming this season.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season nine is almost here. The new season will be called Nightmare, Activision revealed today, as Halloween is right around the corner.

As usual, a lot of new content is dropping with the season. This includes a Battle Pass (BP) which contains a new operator, weapon, blueprints, calling cards, charms, and more.

At tier 14 of the free BP, players will be able to get the Tak-5 Operator Skill. This skill gives players the ability to heal their team in battle. Besides this, players will be able to get the Swordfish at tier 21. This tactical rifle was first seen in Black Ops 4 and is now making its way to CoD: Mobile as well.

Modern Warfare’s Havoc Sawmill will be the new map for season nine. Additionally, the Halloween Standoff is returning to the game for a limited time as well to mark the festival.

Later in the season, players will also be able to unlock a new weapon, tactical equipment, and battle royale class through seasonal challenges. The weapon is called Thumper, which is a grenade launcher with just one ammunition. Flash Drone is the new tactical equipment that blinds enemies. Finally, the Pumped BR Class gives players a jetpack to take to the skies.

The season will last for about a month. The new content will be available gradually throughout season nine, Nightmare.