Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2: Full patch notes and updates

A new season is here with plenty of new content.

Image via Activision

The content update for Call of Duty: Mobile’s season two, Task Force 141, has finally dropped.

The new update has brought a new map, scorestreak, two weapons, and several balance changes to the game. Season two will officially kick off today at 6pm CT with a new battle pass. 

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Here are the complete patch notes for CoD: Mobile’s season two update.

Battle pass


  • Tier 14: Chopper Gunner scorestreak
  • Tier 21: JAK-12 shotgun
  • Players can also unlock camos, weapon blueprints, and cosmetics like the Charm – Naval Mine or Sticker – Gravity Snakes through the free BP.


  • The paid rewards include Alex — Hard Wired and Charly — Striker. Besides this, players can also get the ASM10 — Snakeskin, Outlaw — Crash Course, Type 25 — Bolt Press, and the Jak-12 – Treecutter.
Image via Activision


New Map – Hardhat

  • The small Modern Warfare map is coming to CoD: Mobile.

Map Update – Standoff

  • The abnormality experienced when jumping over the fence on the second floor of the bakery in Standoff has been fixed.

New Scorestreak – Chopper Gunner

  • The Chopper Gunner scorestreak gives players manual control of a gunner seat on a helicopter. They will be able to fly over the map while taking down enemies.
  • It will be available for free in tier 14 of the battle pass.

New Weapon – JAK-12

  • The JAK-12 is a deadly fully-automatic shotgun with high recoil and low range.
  • It will be available for free in tier 21 of the battle pass.
Image via Activision

New attachment – Thunder Sling

  • Activision has added a signature attachment for HBRA3 which provides stability and ADS speed bonuses.

Balance adjustment



  • Base
    • Increased damage multiplier of hitting chest and upper arm area
  • 5.45 Caliber Ammo
    • Reduced recoil
    • Increased damage range
    • Increased ammo capacity


  • Increased damage multiplier of hitting head
  • Increased damage multiplier of hitting chest and abdomen
  • Increased damage range
  • Increased reload speed
  • New attachment – Gun Belt
    • It reduces the sprint-to-fire lag and improves the control handling of horizontal and vertical recoil.


  • The range of basic recoil changes has been reduced.

Peacekeeper MKII

  • Base
    • Improved the horizontal recoil animation to achieve a smoother handling.
    • Reduced horizontal recoil


  • Increased shoot range in the first segment


  • Increased shoot range in the first segment


  • Increased base hit flinch
  • Increased base bullet spread
  • Increased base reload time
  • 42 Round Fast Reload
    • Increased ADS time
    • Increased reload time
    • Reduced ADS movement speed
  • 46 Round Extended Mag
    • Increased ADS time
    • Reduced ADS movement speed


  • Increased base damage range
  • MIP Light Barrel (Short): Increased the damage range


  • Base
    • Increased the lock time
  • Light Trigger
    • Increased the lock time

Battle royale

Hacker class

  • Reduced the time needed to clear out distractions.