Call of Duty: Mobile releases one-vs-one duel mode and new map

Saloon is a CODM exclusive map.

Image via Activision

The new one-vs-one duel mode is now available on the Saloon map in Call of Duty: Mobile. The latest map to be released, Saloon, is a CODM exclusive map.

The one-vs-one mode is only playable on Saloon. The map is the smallest in the game and will be used only for the limited-time one-vs-one and two-vs-two modes.

The one-vs-one mode will be played in a best-of-three rounds format. The first player to reach seven kills wins the round. The mode has a round-based system to ensure that even if one player gets a lead in the match, the opponent can still catch up in the next round.

The mode has also added another interesting mechanic to CODM. In the first round, both players are free to choose whatever weapon they like. In the second round, however, the loser from the previous round will get to choose a loadout of their choice. The winner will be given a random weapon from this loadout. 

This has been done so that players who only master a specific class of weapons also have a chance of winning in this new mode.

Aside from the one-vs-one mode and new map, Call of Duty: Mobile also released a community update yesterday. It revealed that Activision won’t release a public test server build to test out the next version of the game before a global release, unlike the last two months. Activision said this is because it has a bit longer before the new version’s release, so a test server isn’t needed.

The community update also revealed that the first teaser for the next season of CODM will be coming out this weekend on the game’s social media handles.