BOT Empire’s Contract Expires on Top-Three Gears of War Team

After taking home third place at the Gears of War Columbus Open, BOT Empire's Gears of War team will explore other options.

The Gears of War team who represented BOT Empire at the Gears of War Columbus Open last weekend is no longer signed to the BOT Empire organization, according to their head coach, Jovon White.

With their contract expiring, the team will now explore other options for organizations, but will no doubt have their fair share of suitors.

In a few pieces of online correspondence, White said that he and his team were happy to be a part of BOT Empire, but they “weren’t very secretive” that this deal would be for the short term.

“We were looking for a long term deal initially, but we decided to bet on ourselves this event and take a one event contract, so that if we played the way we knew we could, we would be able to pursue the best deal for us,” White said. “I think we made the right decision.”

The team consisting of Chris “Xcells” Hill, Kevin “Soto” Soto, “Krash,” “Fragou7” and “Speedy” started practicing less than two weeks before the event, but took down eUnited twice and Revenge en route to a third place finish at Columbus.

In regards to his team’s next organization, White emphasized the desire for a long-term commitment that will allow his team to grow and prosper.

“We’re fielding offers right now and exploring all possible options,” White said. “We want to find an org that we can sign with for the long run and grow with. Our team has great chemistry and we see ourselves sticking together for quite awhile, so we need an organization that fits us.”

BOT Empire will be releasing an official statement later tonight about this situation.

DISCLAIMER: Jovon White, coach of this team, is currently employed as a writer for GAMURS. 

Where do you think this talented Gears team will land?

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