Blizzard introduces fresh WoW Classic experience with Season of Mastery

So fresh, so clean.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The end of World of Warcraft Classic left many players wondering if and when Blizzard might start a “fresh” Classic era server. And today, the company has confirmed its plans for a revamped Classic experience.

Called the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery, the new servers will look to recreate the WoW Classic experience but with a few changes, including buffed bosses, no world buffs in raids, faster leveling, and summoning stones.

Additionally, Blizzard said in a post today that it’s looking to adjust the release of content for the experience to have its six-phase timeline complete in 12 months. 

That’s right. Blizzard is making the content hard and it’s making it go by faster as well. World of Warcraft Classic was originally released at the end of August 2019 and TBC Classic began in June 2021.

Blizzard said quality-of-life improvements like faster leveling, summoning stones, and increased resource nodes in the open world are being added to combat any negative side effects of this faster Classic timeline.

The Season of Mastery does not yet have any officially launch date, but the developer will begin an open beta for players beginning next Tuesday, Oct. 5.

Late last month, the company posted confirmation that it was working on a fresh Classic experience for players who weren’t as interested in TBC. But, at the time, the devs didn’t have any time frame for when that might happen.