Best video game Christmas ornaments

Level up the Christmas tree.

Image via Hallmark

With Christmas approaching fast, it might be time to start thinking about which ornaments have a spot on the Christmas tree this year. As video games have become more prevalent in pop culture, more video game-themed Christmas ornaments are available than ever before. Whether there’s a bare Christmas tree looking for some newer ornaments or a gamer in need of a stocking stuffer, this list should have it covered. These video game Christmas ornaments are inexpensive and won’t break the bank. 

Hallmark Sonic The Hedgehog Shadow Christmas Ornament

Image by Hallmark via Amazon
The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is one of the most iconic video game series to date. Shadow is one of Sonic’s nemeses and an occasional ally. This video game ornament is sure to bring back fond memories for any fan. Sonic fans can pair this ornament with the blue hedgehog himself to complete the set. 

Hallmark Magic Ornament 2018 Donkey Kong – Old School Video Game

Image by Hallmark via Amazon
This arcade game machine is a tribute to Donkey Kong. The ornament features intricate details, and it can light up with two LR44 batteries. The machine can also play memorable sounds from the beloved arcade game. 

Hallmark Fortnite Loot Llama Ornament

Image by Hallmark via Amazon
Are you saving the drama for your llama? The Loot Llama is known for carrying loot supplies within the hit game Fortnite. This colorful piñata llama ornament can make any Fornite fan want to help decorate the tree. 

Hallmark Minecraft Zombie Ornament

Image by Hallmark via Amazon
Chances are that if someone is looking to buy a video game Christmas ornament, they’ll stumble upon Minecraft. There are a lot of Minecraft ornaments, including creepers, Steve, and even a muddy pig. The Minecraft zombie ornament features the iconic pixelated design fans will recognize.

Hallmark Nintendo Animal Crossing Tom Nook Christmas Ornament

Image by Hallmark via Amazon
This Hallmark ornament shrinks down Tom Nook from Nintendo’s Animal Crossing. Dressing in his outfit from New Horizon, this ornament is an adorable addition to any Christmas tree. 

S’Mores Gamer Decorative Hanging Ornament

Image by Ganzvia Amazon
The S’Mores Gamer ornament is a unique gift for friends and family who play a variety of different games. The little marshmallow snowman is decked out with its controller and favorite snacks for a night of gaming.

Tree Topper Mario Super Star

Image via Amazon
Now, it’s time to add the star to the Christmas tree. This Super Star is a 7-inch LED tree topper from Super Mario. The star emits a yellow light to illuminate the room and make the Christmas tree shine.

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