Best guns in Call of Duty: Mobile

Know the meta.

Call of Duty Mobile has successfully unlocked a massive new fan base for the iconic shooter series. Since its release in late 2019, it’s gone on to become one of the most downloaded and most grossing mobile games ever.

Despite being a part of the franchise, CoD: Mobile has its own patch schedule and meta-game. The game features the legendary maps all CoD players know by memory plus some exclusive to mobile, but the gun changes that hit the live servers alongside content patches can catch you off guard. Each new season of CoD: Mobile introduces gun-play updates to keep the game fresh and tests the players’ ability to adapt to the always-evolving world of CoD.

Talents and training will always play a massive role in how you perform out in the field, but knowing which weapons will increase your odds of winning can get you climbing the leaderboards in no time. The best weapons in CoD: Mobile all have something that separates them from the rest of the armory like their damage, fire rate, or accuracy.

Everyone has their personal preferences, and some weapons become more useful than others just by way of having the proper attachments, but there are still a few that stand out above the rest. Here are some of the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile.

Type 25

Type 25 – Screengrab via TiMi Studio

Since the start of season 10, the Type 25 has found itself on top of the meta. Though the gun’s recoil is slightly harder to control compared to its alternatives, it delivers the best results in its class at close range, with a superior fire rate and damage output.

Considering gameplay with this gun revolves more around close-range combat in most matches, the Type 25 will make up most of the weapons in many lobbies. The gun owes most of its recent success to its season 10 fire rate buff, and the Type 25 only gets better with attachments.


CBR4 – Screengrab via TiMi Studio

The CBR4 has one of the best fire rate and range combos of any submachine gun. Coupled with its larger magazine, it can exert “strong dominance” at either close or mid-range. Its magazine is filled with 5.7mm bullets for extra penetration and has a much more manageable recoil than the other weapons in its class.

The ideal attachments will increase the aim-down-sights speed and allow for quicker reloading.


Compared to the other sniper rifles in CoD: Mobile, the SVD and SKS offer the most versatility. The fact they can be used as semi-auto assault rifles when needed increases the demand for them, especially at higher ranks.

While the SVD is more challenging to control than the SKS, it’ll be deadlier than the SKS when you get the hang of it. If you don’t like how the SVD feels in combat, the SKS is the second-best deal on the market. Once you position yourself in a decent spot with one of these weapons, you should be able to take down a few enemies before they figure out where you are and force you to change spots.


M13 – Screengrab via TiMi Studios

The M13 became available in CoD: Mobile at the beginning of September and it quickly found itself in the running for one of the best assault rifles in the game. It also received a few buffs heading into season 10 to its reload, movement speed, and bullet versatility. These buffs turned the weapon into a powerhouse and it can be further improved with attachments.

Paired up with attachments that increase its mobility and reduce recoil, the M13 becomes the perfect weapon to dominate a map.