Beats signs NICKMERCS to brand’s first long-term gaming deal

Beats is entering the gaming space with an individual partnership with NICKMERCS.

Photo via FaZe Clan

Beats is expanding further into the gaming space by partnering with content creator NICKMERCS in a new deal that will see Apple’s premium sound brand become a pillar of partnership for the streamer moving forward. 

Prior to this, Beats made its first official steps into gaming by teaming up with FaZe Clan to launch special edition FaZe Clan variants of the Studio3 Wireless Headphones and Powerbeats Pro, with both collections selling out in minutes.

Now, Beats is taking that partnership even further, signing an individual deal with NICKMERCS, a co-owner of FaZe, to show a new commitment to the gaming space and explore new and exciting options for the brand. 

NICKMERCS, as part of FaZe, boasts a partnership with Under Armour and having a “commitment to fitness and family-first approachability” makes him a perfect overlap between where Beats currently operates and the gaming community. 

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“Having high-quality audio is critical in gaming,” NICKMERCS said. “After working out with their new Beats Fit Pro, I can’t wait to partner with the team already responsible for some of the best audio equipment in the world. I only bring the best products to my community and with Beats, we’ll be introducing a new level of premium sound to gamers everywhere.”

NICKMERCS is the first gaming creator signed to the audio brand, joining the ranks of stars like LeBron James, Travis Scott, and Serena Williams. 

This deal will span multiple areas, such as new NICKMERCS-branded Beats gaming products to big stores, custom content, and more. Beats will also act as a sponsor for the streamer’s MFAM Gauntlet series of events. More details about the partnership will be shared by NICKMERCS and Apple in the near future.