Attack of the Undead mode is live in Call of Duty: Mobile

You can play as the undead now.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s popular Attack of the Undead mode has returned to the game. This is the first time it can be played after its initial release in season seven of the game.

In this mode, players are divided into survivors and the undead. At the beginning of each match, one player out of the 10 is randomly chosen to become the undead. This player is equipped with only a knife and has to take down the survivors before time runs out.

The undead have infinite respawns. Survivors, on the other hand, turn into the undead after being killed. Once nine players have been turned into the undead, the last survivor is equipped with a Death Machine with limited ammunition.

Survivors will be equipped with some equipment and perks. These are random and are activated by killing the undead. The perks are:

  • Vulture: collect ammo from kills
  • Amped: faster weapon swap and reload speed
  • Restock: faster operator skill activation

The undead also have an operator skill. Activating this grants silent movement and increased movement speed, enabling them to silently take out survivors.

The mode will be playable until Sept. 11. This is when Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 10 is expected to release. It’ll bring a lot of new content including a new battle pass, map, and more. So far, the Terminal map from Modern Warfare has been confirmed to be coming with season 10.