Apex Mobile’s season 2 brings new legend Rhapsody next week

There's plenty to look out for when season two, Distortion, drops next week.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile will get another contender in the Apex Games as part of its second season, Distortion. The DJ legend Rhapsody will use her abilities and her robotic sidekick to help her allies in the Apex Games when she debuts on July 12.

Rhapsody hails from Kómma, dominated by the tech giant Pythas Inc., according to a press release. Her mother was a brilliant engineer who worked for Pythas but was fired after discovering company secrets. To save her family from debt, Rhapsody competes in the Apex Games, the most popular bloodsport in the Frontier.

Rhapsody isn’t alone in her fight, though: She has her AI sidekick Rowdy alongside her. This adorable (and deadly) robot was invented by Rhapsody’s mother and will stay by the DJ’s side as she faces the challenge alongside the rest of the legends.

Rhapsody will bring “music and rhythm-themed abilities,” according to the press release, and the cinematic showed a glimpse of what they may look like. Players can see an equalizer effect on Rhapsody’s feet as she chases an escaping Caustic, which could boost her movement speed.

When her squad is ambushed, Rhapsody also uses Rowdy to create a barrier, blocking the enemies’ view of her. Though the trailer shows Rhapsody firing a G7 through it, it doesn’t demonstrate if opposing bullets will break through it or not. The footage from the trailer is enough to give players a glimpse of what her kit may look like, but they will have to wait until she debuts (or until Respawn unveils more information) to know the full details. The trailer also teases a new map, Pythas Block Zero, though it’s unclear what the game modes it will be featured in.

Season two, Distortion, will likely also bring changes to weapon balance and tweaks to game modes. Apex Mobile players can expect more information about the upcoming season ahead of its release, which is scheduled for July 12.