Apex Mobile to get ‘mobile-first’ maps and legends

A lot of new content will be coming to the game in the future.

Image via EA

Apex Legends Mobile hasn’t been released globally yet, but the game has already generated a lot of hype in the mobile gaming community. Adding to that, EA has said that the upcoming title will contain some “mobile-first” maps and legends.

While Apex Legends Mobile has been built from the ground up, it’s based on the PC and console version of the game. It looks similar to the original and has many of the same legends in its limited regional launch.

In the future, however, Apex Legends Mobile will be diverting away from the original game with exclusive maps and legends. In a press release, EA said that the game will have mobile-only maps. The game’s website has added that there will be some exclusive legends as well.

“We’ve worked hard with Lightspeed and Quantum Studios to expand the world of Apex Legends with new mobile-first legends, maps, gameplay, modes, progression and live events,” the FAQ section on EA’s website reads. “If you like the console and PC Apex Legends experience, you’ll love Apex Legends on mobile.”

Apex Legends Mobile has been developed from the ground up by Tencent’s Lightspeed and Quantum Studios with EA in a supervisory role. Being a different game, it doesn’t support cross-platform play with the console and PC version.

Right now, EA has released the game in 10 countries to test it out before a complete launch. Players can pre-register for the title on the Google Play Store to be notified when the game is available in their country. EA has said that it hopes to release the game in the summer.