Alolan Geodude rolls into Pokémon Go’s May Community Day

A rocky road indeed.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go is sticking with its Alolan roots for yet another Community Day. Alolan Geodude will be the featured Pokémon in May, Niantic announced today. 

The event, which will run from 11am to 2pm local time on May 21, will have players encountering Alolan Geodude more frequently, along with the usual Community Day bonuses of triple Catch Stardust and double Catch Candy, as well as three-hour Lure Module and Incense duration. 

If players evolve an Alolan Graveler into Alolan Golem during the event, or up to two hours after it ends, it will know the exclusive Fast Attack Rollout. 

Additional bonuses for this specific Community Day include players having double the chance to get Geodude XL Candy from catching Alolan Geodude, an extra Special Trade, and a 50-percent reduction to Stardust trade costs during the event. If players work together and catch Pokémon near a single PokéStop with an active Lure Module, the triple Catch Stardust boost can become a quadruple Catch Stardust boost for 30 minutes. 

As always, a Special Timed Research Story themed on Alolan Geodude, A Rocky Road, will be available for $1. And Niantic has now made it possible for players to gift a copy of this research ticket to friends. 

Players can also grab a Community Day Box from the in-game shop leading up to the event for 975 PokéCoins, featuring one Super Incubator, one Lucky Egg, one Elite Fast TM, and one Star Piece.