All Pokémon Go Lush Jungle Gritty and Glacial Research tasks and rewards

Time to adventure on Alola's second island.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go players are getting a chance to explore part of Alola’s Lush Jungle as Niantic continues to add new locations to the Season of Alola’s adventure schedule. Running from March 22 to 29, players will encounter Pokémon they might expect to see in a jungle habitat, including the Pokémon Go debut of Fomantis and Lurantis. 

A special Lush Jungle Park Spotlight will run on March 26 and 27, giving players who visit park-like areas more encounters with Cottonee, including the first chance for everyone to find a Shiny Cottonee. Tapu Lele is also appearing for the first time as a five-star raid boss during the event. 

As with most events, the Lush Jungle event includes a set of new event-exclusive Field, Timed, and Special Research for players to complete. And here are all of the An Akala Adventure Special research tasks and rewards.

Special Research

An Akala Adventure page one

  • Catch 10 Pokémon
    • 10 Poké Balls
  • Complete three Field Research tasks
    • Pikachu encounter
  • Catch seven different species of Pokémon
    • Five Pinap Berries

Total Rewards: Fomantis encounter, 500 XP, and 500 Stardust

An Akala Adventure page two

  • Use four Berries to help Pokémon
    • Parasect encounter
  • Catch two Water-type Pokémon
    • Alomomola encounter
  • Take three Snapshots of wild Fire-type Pokémon
    • Alolan Marowak encounter

Total Rewards: One Charged TM, 500 XP, and 500 Stardust

An Akala Adventure page three

  • Power up Pokémon five times
    • Seven Razz Berries
  • Walk 2km 
    • 10 Poké Balls
  • Take three Snapshots of wild Pokémon
    • 10 Pinap Berries

Total Rewards: One Premium Battle Pass, 1,000 XP, and 1,000 Stardust

An Akala Adventure page four

  • Send five Gifts to Friends
    • 10 Great Balls
  • Catch 15 Pokémon
    • Seven Pinap Berries
  • Win a raid
    • Alolan Diglett encounter

Total Rewards: 15 Ultra Balls, 8,000 XP, and 1,000 Stardust

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