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All 14 new LTMs coming to Fortnite during the 14 Days of Summer event

Summer is finally here.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer event kicks off tomorrow, featuring daily challenges, rewards, and 14 new Limited Time Modes. The event will also include the unvaulting of several weapons and tons of cosmetic goodies.

The 14 Days of Summer event will be available to all Fortnite players, regardless of whether they own a Battle Pass. That means everyone can get involved with the challenges, as well as the exciting new game modes.

Epic revealed the ins and outs of each of the 14 game modes. During each day of the event, a weapon will be unvaulted for 24 hours only, a new LTM will be available to play, a daily challenge and a free reward will be up for grabs, and new outfits and more will be featured in the item shop.

Here’s the full list of LTMs. We don’t know when each mode will be available just yet, so it’s in no particular order.

Heavy Metal Squads

In this mode, only weapons with heavy in the name will be available. There will also be faster metal farming rates and faster storm times.

Storm Chasers: Surfin’ (squads)

Everyone starts in a vehicle at the beginning of the game and impulses slowly gather in your inventory. The last player standing wins.

Splashdown Squads

The new Water Balloon item is the focus on this mode. Respawns are on and water balloons are your primary damage dealer. The first to the goal score wins.

Power Up Solos

The game starts with respawns, but after a set amount of time, they turn off. Once they turn off, your shields will fully fill up. Every time you consume a shield, your max shield increases. Additionally, the chance of finding shields in supply drops is significantly greater.

Leave None Behind Duos

The slurp effect is always active, unless your teammates are downed. If a teammate is downed, they’re immune to damage, but all other teammates lose their slurp and begin to take damage over time.

Use With Care Duos

You spawn into the game with a designated amount of building materials, but you can’t replenish your materials throughout the match. The last players standing wins.

Headshots Duos

You can only deal damage with headshots, but all shotguns are removed.

Tank Battle Squads

Begin the game with siphon turned on and increased shield to match your health. But there are no healing items. Ammo is also increased.

Builders Paradise Squads

Structure health is greatly increased and the resource gathering rate is also increased. Anyone can edit any player-built wall, though.

Wick’s Bounty Duos

Begin the match with weapons and three lives. Hunt down and eliminate high-value targets as they appear on the map. The first to the goal score wins.

Arsenal (Solos)

You start each match with some of the strongest weapons in the game, but each elimination will decrease the impact of your weapons. The first to get an elimination with the final weapon wins.

Rumble Squads

Respawning is turned on and only green or better weapons are available. The first player to the goal score wins.

Loadout Swap Squads

A new loadout will be granted on a timer. Respawn is on. The first player to the goal score wins.

Strategic Structures Squads

Metal and stone structures have increased health and resource farming. Their material cap is lowered, however.