Aceu accidentally wins match with no-scope Kraber headshot

Definitely calculated.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Former Apex Legends pro and current Twitch streamer aceu blew viewers’ minds when he landed a no-scope Kraber to win a match in the hero shooter—seemingly by chance.

The shot took place on aceu’s stream last week. The video begins with aceu inspecting his gun before miraculously landing a headshot on his enemy opponent to win the match for his team. The bullet lands on the enemy and the champion screen pops up, while aceu said he “did not mean to do that,” calling it an accident.

While it is not unusual to watch a Kraber one-shot an enemy opponent, winning a match through a Kraber no-scope headshot isn’t such a common occurrence. A Kraber will instantly down any enemy if it lands a headshot, regardless of helmet tier or whether they have the Fortified passive like Gibraltar and Caustic, making it particularly deadly. Its firepower is why it hasn’t left the care package weapon rotation since the shooter’s launch in 2019.

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Though the clip could easily be boiled down to a lucky shot, this level of play isn’t exactly unusual for the former NRG Apex pro-turned-streamer. He has pulled off thrilling escapes and various shots on mid-air targets that have been caught and clipped on Twitch for viewers to keep rewatching. Now, it appears he has another clip that will live in his catalog of amazing outplays and shots.