NRG aceu lands a perfect Arc Star on mid-air target in Apex Legends


Image via Respawn Entertainment

NRG Esports’ Brandon “aceu” Winn must’ve put a lot of hours into Duck Hunt.

The Apex Legends pro hit an insane Arc Star during his Twitch broadcast last night, hitting a bullseye on a mid-air target. The throw was so spectacular that even aceu was impressed with himself.

While the pro was facing gunfire from multiple angles on a World’s Edge rooftop, he heard a Pathfinder try to close the gap using his grappling hook. But a stellar Arc Star was enough to quell the robot’s attack and take him out of the fight.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” aceu said amid an outburst of laughter.

The pro went on to kill four more players in that fray and pick up his teammates’ banners. Despite amassing nine total kills, however, aceu was unable to close out the match with a victory and placed fifth.

Aceu joined NRG in March 2019, a month after Apex debuted. The 24-year-old player helped his team earn a first-place finish at TwitchCon San Diego in September and a total prize pool of $60,000.

Fans eager to watch some more top-tier gameplay can tune into aceu’s Twitch channel, where he streams regularly.