Aceu makes a thrilling escape in Apex Legends—until he doesn’t

What a sad ending.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Aceu proved during a recent Apex Legends livestream that not even professionals are immune to mistakes.

Posted to the LivestreamFail subreddit by ozEFFINGninja, the minute-long clip shows aceu running and gunning across the Lava Siphon area on World’s Edge. After taking out a few enemies with some well-placed Alternator shots, he realized that there were more squads approaching. He made a run for it out of the side of the building and used a jump pad to escape to the central building, which unfortunately included even more enemies.

While sidestepping an enemy that emerged from a Wraith portal, aceu accidentally fell into the lava grounds below the building. He managed to throw down an Octane jump pad and maneuver to the side of the building, where he flew up the zipline. The zipline landed him in a moving gondola, where it appeared as though he was safe for the time being. Yet as the gondola moved to the other building, aceu jumped onto the platform just a second too early and was run over by the gondola, ending the round for him.

It’s a very unfitting—and unexpected—ending for such a dramatic run-and-fight sequence. Commenters made fun of aceu’s preemptive “Later, nerds!” as he boarded the gondola only to die a few seconds later, but most agreed that he’s still a great player with a lot of skill. Maybe next time he’ll make the great escape he was going for.