A new leak suggests Fortnite could be getting weapon skins and...pets? - Dot Esports

A new leak suggests Fortnite could be getting weapon skins and…pets?

Could we be getting furry friends in Fortnite?

Image via Epic Games

With today’s fresh new update in Fortnite: Battle Royale there are, as always, some new leaks that have been rooted out from within the game’s files.

You’ve got the standards, a set of new skins coming to the store, and even some pleasant surprises, like a new rocket launcher and grenade that have been datamined. But one of the more interesting pieces of information has been found by @FNBRLeaks on Twitter, and it involves a potential unreleased and unannounced new form of content.


Found within the “Cosmetics” section of the game’s files are two noteworthy additions—”WeaponSkins” and “Pets.” Weapon skins seem like a no-brainer. They’ve been requested by the community for a long time now. But pets? How will pets work? What kind of pets? Who’s a good doggy?

“Pets” could be codename for something different entirely, kind of like “Toys” are what Epic Games calls the emotes like the golf ball, basketball, and beach ball. But what if Tilted Towers have a no-pet policy?

Could you imagine an emote where you pull out a little kitty and pet it? Or hold up a bird that squawks? Or, even crazier, something like a lion that roars? Or a horse that you can mount and it bucks for you? Or a fish that… swims. The possibilities are endless.

With Fortnite’s fifth season winding down, anything is possible in the coming weeks. When season six begins, we could see a whole new wild amount of customization options for the Battle Pass and in the store.