WotC updates Magic esports path with fractional invite system

The esports path is improving.

MTG Arena Mythic Championship V Top Eight
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering Twitter

Wizard of the Coast is placing a larger emphasis on Magic: The Gathering players who perform consistently well at Grand Prix events by introducing a fractional invite system toward attending Pro Tour tournaments. 

Grand Prix tournaments have always played a significant role within Magic’s pro system. In the previous system, match points earned at a Grand Prix went toward pro points. With the introduction of the Players Tour series tournaments, however, an incentive to compete at Grand Prix events was removed because they only awarded players who placed in the top-eight. 

Many pros spoke out against this new system and WotC has made adjustments in the form of a fractional invite process. The new system essentially gives players who perform well at Grand Prix events an opportunity to attend a Player Tour tournament. 

Image via Wizards of the Coast

Based on a player’s wins and losses at either a Grand Prix or Players Tour tournament, a percentage will be awarded. Once a player reaches 100 percent or above, they’re automatically invited to an upcoming Players Tour tournament and they’ll be one step closer to the Rivals League, which feeds into the Magic Pro League. 

A 10-5 record typically earned a player 30 match points, but kept them from finishing in the top-eight of a Grand Prix. With the new system in place, pros who consistently finish a Grand Prix with a record of 10-5 or better have a chance to earn a fractional invite to a Players Tour tournament. 

WotC is also planning to implement the fractional invite system into other pro-level events, such as Star City Games tournaments. In addition, a plan is now in place to rename fractional invites.